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ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration Technology

With the ARTAS® robotic hair restoration treatment, you can get your hair back by restoring a fuller hairline. As there are no stitches or staples used, your operation is essentially invisible. Find out why ARTAS® is a good fit for you!

What Is ARTAS®?

A cutting-edge, minimally invasive hair transplant method, the ARTAS® robotic hair restoration device uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to achieve accurate, realistic results without leaving a linear scar. ARTAS® can carefully assess and dissect the best grafts from your donor area thousands of times per session using cutting-edge image-guided robotics, and can then precisely pinpoint where they should be implanted to create a smooth, customized hairline that is ideal for you.

How it Works?

The ARTAS® robotic hair transplant system begins by creating and planning your individual hairline utilizing 3D technology. The best hair follicles for transplant are then found and chosen using a high-definition stereoscopic vision system, robotic arm, and ARTAS artificial intelligence algorithms. Then, to retain the donor area’s natural appearance and prevent linear scarring, these follicles are intelligently extracted with robotic speed and precision. The ARTAS® process will simultaneously implant the harvested hair follicles* while precisely identifying and creating the best recipient location. The minimally invasive procedure preserves your natural appearance in both the donor area and the new implantation place while protecting your healthy existing hair.

NATURAL RESULTS: Permanent, visibly thicker hair growth begins roughly six months after treatment and continues over time.

The ARTAS® hair replacement method precisely and intelligently harvests and implants individual follicles without the need of scalpels, stitches, or staples, resulting in minimally invasive surgery with no visible linear scarring.

FAST AND EFFECTIVE: Compared to traditional, more manual hair transplant techniques, the robotic technology allows for more precision and speed.