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Breast Augmentation Operation

Breast Augmentation Operation

Breast Augmentation Operation

Breast augmentation, which involves the insertion of silicone implants or the injection of breast fat, is an option for women who feel their breasts are tiny, had small breasts after giving birth, or have been free of breast cancer. One of the most well-known surgical treatments breast augmentation, seeks to give ladies the desired breast appearance.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) studies shown that Breast Augmentation through silicon doesn’t open the way for cancer or any other disease. Breast Augmentation surgery is performed by injecting fat from another part of the body in the form of stem cells and injecting it into breast tissue or implants. This procedure is also called breast implants. Since the method of injection is not applicable to everyone, it is preferred to have implants generally.
The breast structure is different and unique in every woman, for this reason, the size and structure of the implant should be determined according to their expectations and body structure with the examination of the doctor.

When Should Breast Augmentation Be Performed?

Women’s breasts, which represent femininity, might be out of proportion and undersized for their bodies. Age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and breast cancer can all cause temporary reduction of breast size. Breast augmentation surgery can be done in certain circumstances to enlarge the breasts. But like with other aesthetic operations, anyone interested in the process must meet certain requirements, including:

For a more attractive body,

If you believe that doing this will boost your confidence.

Whether you become pregnant, lose weight, or get older and your breasts alter in size and shape.

If breast cancer causes the removal of breast tissue.

If the breasts have always been tiny.

If the breast implant that was previously implanted is old or has lost its function.

If one of the breasts is smaller than the other and wants to correct their symmetry.

In addition to these, Breast Augmentation is successfully performed