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Operation to Transplant Mustache

Operation to Transplant Mustache

Operation to Transplant a Mustache

A man’s beard and mustache play an important role in his appearance because they draw attention to the shape of his face, emphasize his masculine virility, and hide any unattractive features on his chin or cheeks. Unfortunately, a scar, a genetic predisposition, or hormonal deficiencies may cause facial hair to be insufficient or nonexistent in some regions. Now that you have had a beard transplant, you can grow back the lost hair.

Surgery to transplant a mustache

Losing facial hair can lead to low self-esteem and consequent social problems. A mustache and beard complete the masculine look. But now, a solution has been discovered, made possible by technological advancements and newly created techniques like FUE, which enable the transplantation of follicles from a donor area into the mustache region.

This method gives you the desired appearance for life. Under local anesthesia, a mustache transplant procedure takes an average of 2 to 3 hours, depending on the number of grafts used. Due to the sensitive area and the facial structure, it is a microsurgery that necessitates more caution, even though the operated area typically heals more quickly than other areas.