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Operation to Transplant a Beard

Operation to Transplant a Beard

Operation to Transplant a Beard

The thick beard, which exudes confidence, is the most crucial component of the manly appearance. For males, the beard is a social emblem through which they can show their individuality. Men’s social lives are impacted by falling beards or beards that have not grown in. Beard loss or vacancies may be brought on by genetic reasons, numerous disorders, accidents, or wounds. The best way to solve these issues is by beard transplantation.

The same as a hair transplant, a beard transplant involves taking hair follicles from another area of the body. Beard transplantation is a painless procedure that gives you a natural-looking appearance while you are under local anesthetic. This process, which yields positive outcomes Expert doctors and colleagues carry such procedures on persons without beards. Thanks to the most recent technologies, EA Team is among the finest for hair transplant procedures.

Reasons for Beard Loss

Losing a beard results in social and psychological issues as well as aesthetic discomfort. Numerous elements can degrade the beard’s quality and cause it to fall out, including:

Testosterone shortage.

Hormone problems.

Scars and wounds.

Various skin conditions.

Genetic influences.

Consult a specialist to ascertain the cause of the fall if your beard is thinning. The beard is significantly impacted by diseases of the metabolism and particularly hormonal disorders. The best way to achieve a thick, natural-looking beard if beard loss is permanent is through a beard transplant in EA Hair Transplant and Beauty Center.

Who is Eligible for Beard Transplant?

People whose burns or scars caused them to lose a significant portion of their beard.

People with hereditary reasons for having no facial hair.

Those with patchy beards.

Individuals who want to alter or change the shape of their beard.

People who lose their beards.

Those who have reached puberty may undergo a beard transplant.

Not just those without beards due to inherited diseases, but also those whose beard structure is weak, can have a beard transplant. In Germany, Turkey & Afghanistan, beard transplants can also be done if there aren’t enough hair follicles.

Beard transplants in Afghanistan  are only possible following an examination and diagnosis for some diseases, including hepatitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

When Should You Do Beard Transplant?

When the facial hair stops growing: You can see where there isn’t enough hair growth on the face, whether it’s in one area or all over. The male testosterone hormone, also referred to as DHY, is a factor in beard growth. These hormones, which start to develop during puberty and increase until 20 or 21, aid in hair growth and density. Therefore, if these hormones are lacking, the beard may not grow.

Trichorrhexis Nodosa: Not only the beard, but also all the hair in the body can fall off by a skin disease. Tricorrhexis, which may cause voids in different areas of the beard in the size of the coin or in the entire beard. Stress, boredom, fear, anxiety, sadness and psychological problems lead to hair loss. When the doctor’s recommended drugs did not treat these problems, the most effective way is Beard Transplant.

Scars of Wounds and Burns: After several accidents, scars and burns may occur on the face and hair follicles may die in these areas and prevent the growth of the beard. You can get rid of these scars and get your beard again by doing Beard Transplant.

Intensity or Reshape the Beard: Some beards may be light or shapeless. In such cases, a Beard Transplant can be performed without losing the natural appearance in order to increase the density of the beard or change its shape.

Aspirin, vitamins and blood transfusions should be avoided a week before the procedure. Alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided too a week before the operation. It is preferable to wear a wide shirt, which is easy to take off at the operation day. You should inform your doctor about all the medications you use before the procedure. Beard Transplant is a very sensitive procedure, because it is done in the face area. Therefore, following your doctor’s tips will pass the process easily.