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Surgery of Breast Lifting

Surgery of Breast Lifting

Surgery of Breast Lifting

It is crucial that the breasts that complete the female body’s aesthetic vision are symmetrical, optimum in size, and upright. Breast volume decreases with age, and the ligaments holding the breast tissue to the front chest wall become looser because of menopause, ageing, pregnancy, nursing, severity, frequent weight gain, genetic factors, and menstruation. As a result, the skin around the nipple and breasts sags.

Breast drooping, which has an unattractive aesthetic, might affect women sociologically and psychologically.

The nipple typically remains above the nozzle’s fold line at the bottom. But as time passes, the nipple starts to descend into the breasts, which become less elastic and have less tissue volume. In this instance

The most effective and permanent solution is breast surgery. The breast lift surgery is a remodeling, which gives a perfect fullness and a perfect stiffening for breasts that have lost their volume and shape. You can obtain great results with breast lift surgery performed by experienced doctors in Euro-Asia Clinic,

Degrees of Split Breasts

The breasts are slouched to varying degrees. The alignment of the nipple with the line beneath the breast is typically used to gauge the degree of drooping. First-degree sagging (mild) It is referred to as first degree sagging (slight) if the nipple is close to the bottom or aligned with it. Only the tissues around the circle of the brown portion of the breast are removed in cases of mild sagging. A prosthesis can be inserted under the breast if the volume of the breast tissue decreases. Second-degree collapse (middle): The nipple’s tip is between 1 and 3 cm below the fold line.

Moderate subsidence is the term for the second degree (in the centre). In this instance, the superfluous skin is removed, the nipple is repositioned to its proper location, and a narrow incision that surrounds the brown portion of the breast and descends to the breast fold is eliminated. Forward third-degree collapse: Sagging forward refers to the nipple tip being three centimeters or more below the bottom of the nipple line. In this instance, an inverted T-shaped incision is made, leaving a horizontal scar under the chest. However, this accuracy has the benefit of allowing the nozzle to be completely conical and spherical.